The Purest Purple for the People


Patience makes perfect. 

We have the ability to adapt and change our growing process from crop to crop, plant to plant making sure to be the best we can be. We absolutely will never tell our plants what they need, we simply listen and meet their demands. Such attention allows us to bring out the fullest qualities of each strain, whether that’s the deep purple in Obama Kush and GSC [Forum Cut], the beautiful amber hairs on our Hot Donna and HuckleBetty, or the milkiest trichomes you’ve ever seen just like the ones on our Original Glue. We have never, and will never flash cool our rooms.

We use organically derived nutrients and beneficial bugs on our plants. We never use any chemicals, which we believe makes a much higher quality product. Fr33dom Farms knows natural isn’t just better for us as humans, but it is better for our overall environment. We believe the future is natural so we’re taking the steps we can to make that happen.

Our trim department handles each and every bud with care, making sure to bring out the purest, natural beauty of each strain. We take care of our whole facility, making it one of the cleanest grows (including trim and cure) in Oregon. Our trim room is one of the most comfortable you will ever see. Just like our plants, we treat our trim team with just as much love and care. From competitions to lunchtime pizza parties – we keep it lively and fun. Fr33dom Farms trim team can trim up to 2 – 4.5lbs a day, per person. 

Everyone who works here has been trained in every area, meaning any team member can transfer from cloning to cure to trim to bagging, anything really! Everyone on the Fr33dom team is treated equally. We are a culturally and demographically diverse crew with all of our managers being women!

This tier 1 farm loves to recycle and reuse, and growing with soil is an excellent way for us to give back to our community! Once our plants are harvested we have a lot of high quality soil left over which we donate to local farmers and residents. Around 270 bags of soil are recycled per month.